New Mandala Series

I have created a new series of mandalas with the universe as my added inspiration.

Presenting “Mandalas Among The Stars” Collection.

I am not only greatly enjoying the process of creating each new artwork, I am also excited to share them with the public. Because this series shows how I am growing as a digital artist, and I love that I am able to take 2 of my passions and combine them into these beautiful and unique artworks.

There are currently 10 artworks available in the series and I have implemented new features with the latest additions, as a way to explore creatively new designs within the series.

There are great printing options available of each mandala, whether you would like a metal print or a wall tapestry, a throw pillow or a fleece blanket, these options and many more are available for you to choose from, and in a great variety of sizes.

Click on any image above to be taken right to that mandala’s webpage.

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Website: Angie Tirado – Fine Art Photography & Digital Art

Should you have any questions or requests please contact me via Email.

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Image of the Month: June 2021


Dream Along the Ocean

Sunrise photograph, taken in 2009 on Mantoloking Beach, in New Jersey.

I am more inclined to shoot the later part of the day over getting up and out at the start of a day. But this is one occasion I did so and if I am recalling correctly, its the second time I specifically got up early to head to the beach for a sunrise. The early morning hours, later in the day or during the off-season are my preferred times to not only be on the beach but to photograph the landscape.

The ocean was calm and the beach was very peaceful. The softness felt visually, is by the slightly slow shutter speed used and it being the light of dawn, as the sun was just beginning to reach the horizon line on a mostly cloudy covered sky. I digitally enhanced and embellished the scene with a full rainbow, and a purple tone filter to complete this dreamscape photograph.

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Image of The Month: May 2021


Walking Down – Devil’s Backbone

Growing up on the northeast coast you don’t typically walk trails inland with the vast open space like I seen here at Devil’s Backbone in Loveland, Colorado. Most often, throughout my life, I have walked the streets on sidewalks and on roadways surrounded by structures. The other options available are in nature parks on trails in woodland areas or on the coastal sandy beaches where on one side you have the massive ocean and on the other, are houses lined up along the beaches or a boardwalk. So, I was in such awe and greatly appreciated the new sights of sweeping hills that I could see to the horizon in the very far distance and the feature in this open space of towering rock formations that was named the Devil’s Backbone.

I don’t usually have people in my landscape photographs, but I do find it appropriate from time to time to leave those who do find their way in, to leave them in, if it serves a purpose of telling a story in the photograph as I believe it does here. With a little luck in timing, the 2 people walking back down the trail offers us a view of scale of how small we are compared to the rock formations and just how open the space is along this walking trail. Another lucky aspect of this shot is the clouds that came through, that accented this shot perfectly.

With this image I used a photo effects filter that was available in one of my editing programs. While the natural landscape scene was a lovely one, I had a strong desire to make all 3 images from this shoot with a vintage style effect. Because while walking the trail I got a historic sense of the location that might have come from the old style western movies I have enjoyed watching, where open space like what I seen here was a common scene that I took notice of and ultimately loved the look and feel of what the effects did for the images.

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Newest Coastal Mandala Inspired Art Design Upload

Seaside Mandala by Angie Tirado

This mandala inspired art is my latest upload that is coastal themed.

Living in a coastal community offers me limitless availability to enjoy all the things the ocean has to offer here in New Jersey. Most of my work represents my love and deep appreciation of the natural oceanic world and the beauty I get to witness living on the east coast, which I interpret artistically in my own images whether in a photograph or in a digital art drawing.

I began this piece last summer and have revisited it throughout the year to add to it as I was inspired to create a piece that is very much my own. This design is filled with elements relating to the ocean and living on the coast from octopuses to breaking waves.

Prints are available in a large assortment of styles and sizes. Many of the additional products, like home decor and lifestyle items have an available option to change the background color.

See the following link for more information:

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Newest Mandala Inspired Design Uploaded

My newest upload titled “Stained Glass Flower” is a unique design that was created with inspiration coming from stained glass church windows, Easter and mandalas.

This piece took a while to complete as my first few times working on it didn’t produce the results I wanted from it. Color selection was tricky too, but I do like my work to look different then what you would typically expect from things that most of us are familiar with and the Easter pastels chosen worked for me and I think finished off the piece nicely.

You can purchase a print or a variety of other products of this image by visiting my website page at the following link.

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