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New Mandala Series

I have created a new series of mandalas with the universe as my added inspiration. Presenting “Mandalas Among The Stars” Collection. I am not only greatly enjoying the process of creating each new artwork, I am also excited to share them with the public. Because this series shows how I am growing as a digital […]

Image of the Month: June 2021

Featuring Dream Along the Ocean Sunrise photograph, taken in 2009 on Mantoloking Beach, in New Jersey. I am more inclined to shoot the later part of the day over getting up and out at the start of a day. But this is one occasion I did so and if I am recalling correctly, its the […]

Image of The Month: May 2021

FEATURING Walking Down – Devil’s Backbone Growing up on the northeast coast you don’t typically walk trails inland with the vast open space like I seen here at Devil’s Backbone in Loveland, Colorado. Most often, throughout my life, I have walked the streets on sidewalks and on roadways surrounded by structures. The other options available […]

Newest Coastal Mandala Inspired Art Design Upload

Seaside Mandala by Angie Tirado This mandala inspired art is my latest upload that is coastal themed. Living in a coastal community offers me limitless availability to enjoy all the things the ocean has to offer here in New Jersey. Most of my work represents my love and deep appreciation of the natural oceanic world […]

Image of The Month: April 2021

April 2021’s Image of The Month: Featuring Weeping Spring – Holmdel Park. A limited time sales promotion is being offered on a 20″x20″ Canvas Print.

Newest Mandala Inspired Design Uploaded

My newest upload titled “Stained Glass Flower” is a unique design that was created with inspiration coming from stained glass church windows, Easter and mandalas. This piece took a while to complete as my first few times working on it didn’t produce the results I wanted from it. Color selection was tricky too, but I […]

Angie Tirado Art’s First Blog Entry

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my new blog and my very first entry! You very likely don’t know me yet, but I have for most of the last 12 years done photography part-time and after mulling over many considerations I have decided to begin dedicating a lot more time on capturing images, creating […]

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